10 Day Island Hopping
10 Day Island Hopping
10 Day Island Hopping

10 Day Island Hopping

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This is the perfect way for independent travellers to explore the most popular islands in the Mediterranean. With three nights to explore your choice of three islands and daily breakfasts included, this package is a great way to experience the beauty, serenity, hospitality, and history of this stunning part of the world.


  • Find your own secluded spot on Santorini to watch the sun set over the glittering Mediterranean
  • Pack a hamper of delicious local foods on Naxos, then head into the countryside for a picnic
  • Unwind at the end of the day in one of the bars in the charming Little Venice area of Mykonos
  • Experience the rural feel of Paros from a horseback tour (optional extra)


Mykonos plays a key role in Greek mythology, reputedly being the location where the battle between the Gods and the Titans took place. Hercules, having lured the giants from the protection of Mount Olympus, defeated them at Mykonos. The large rocks scattered around the area are said to be the petrified remains of…certain body parts of the giants. This is where the slang anatomical term “stones” originated.

Mykonos is a perfect place to load a hamper up with local food and find somewhere for a picnic. For those wanting to delve into the history of Mykonos, the Archaeological Museum houses many interesting artefacts including a famed vase painted with scenes from the fall of Troy. Towards the end of the day, make your way toward Little Venice, a delightful area composed of rows of fishing houses with balconies hung over the sea. Many of these houses, some of which were built in the 18th century, have been converted into bars, cafes, and galleries. This is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Mykonos comes alive at night, belying the island’s population of just over 10,000.


The beautiful island of Santorini was created by the eruption of a super volcano called Thera in ancient antiquity. This eruption has been estimated to have ejected 100 cubic kilometres of material, making it one of the four most powerful eruptions of historic times. The concentric shaped islands that remain have created one of the most perfect natural harbours in the world, so it is no surprise that water activities are so popular here. Whether partaking a sailing charter, relaxing on a beach, or taking advantage of the many spectacular viewpoints, Santorini is a delightful location to enjoy the Mediterranean. Famed for the beautiful sunsets, be sure to find a good vantage point as the day winds down.

Many people believe Santorini to be the location of Atlantis from Platonic myth, and the ancient ruins of Thera, although dated to after the eruption, lend credence to that theory. The uphill walk is rewarded with a fascinating archaeological site which includes Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods. For those who prefer, it is a short taxi drive to the top.


The quaint and charming way of life on Paros belies the dramatic history of this destination. Often on the wrong side of wars throughout history, Parians sided with Persian forces in both the Greco-Persian Wars. This caused the island to come under heavy demand for tribute from Athens over the ensuing decades. Having been ruled at various times by Ptolemies and Hellenistic dynasties who also ruled Egypt, followed by the Romans, Byzantines, a Venetian Dukes (granted Paros as part of a fiefdom by the Crusaders), and the Ottoman Turks, it was not until 1832 following the Greek War of Independence that Paros became part of the Kingdom of Greece. This was the first time in over 600 years that the islands had been ruled by fellow Greeks.

These days, Paros is a wonderfully relaxed destination to soak up the Mediterranean sun on one of the many idyllic beaches, or sample some of the local wares at a winery. For the slightly more adventurous travellers, horseback riding tours are a great way to explore the countryside.


Naxos, with its comparatively reliable rainfall and fertile soil, is the most self-sufficient of all the Cycladic islands. With many varieties of fruit grown locally, the ubiquitous olives, and famed throughout Greece for its cheese, Naxos is a great place to pack a hamper and find a quiet place for a picnic. The main centre is a delightful port town filled with white-washed houses and Venetian mansions and is a great place to wander about exploring galleries and cafes.

Some believe that Naxos is home to the cave in which the young Zeus was raised. The purported cave can be found on Mt Zeus and makes a great day hike. At 1004m high, this mountain is the highest in the Cyclades and the effort of the hike up the well-marked and safe path is rewarded with stunning views. For those wanting less exertion, the elegant Fish and Olive Gallery has fast become a favourite shopping destination amongst our clients. With beautiful handmade ceramics, jewellery, and other arts on display and for sale, this shop is a great place to pick up a memento or present.

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