Whether you are interested in Coach tours, private holiday arrangements, cruising or super yachts, take the opportunity to meet our experienced team.

South island: Robyn Galloway, Managing Director and founder, or Nicholas Bloom from the Product Team.
North Island: Joanne (Jo) Saunderson, Business Development Manager.

Our sales team are frequently attending seminars, information evenings and expo's all round New Zealand in conjunction with local Travel Agents.

Past Events

The Safari Company & Ancient Kingdoms Holidays event in New Plymouth

"On Monday evening Jo from Innovative Travel and Andy Kibby from the Safari Company were in New Plymouth inspiring both agents and clients with their talks about Innovative Travel and The Safari Company.

I just wanted to say that you would never have guessed Jo had only recently joined your company - she spoke with confidence and in a way that captivated everyone who attended. By adding a few family photos to the presentation it also made it more personal which was great. Andy also had the audience in the palm of his hand and after talking about his chosen trip went on to talk about another due to the high level of interest.

Having been in the business for over 20 years and been to many presentations it's always fantastic when I take time out of my personal evening and come away feeling that it was well spent. Thank you for hosting us all"

Sindy Jones, Consultant, HOT New Plymouth

Travel Companions Club Asian Cooking School get-together

A fun social event for members of the Travel Companions Club in Christchurch to mix and mingle, while learning about Vietnamese cooking - and eating the finished product.

Recipe for the great dipping sauce:
Crush 10 cloves of garlic in a mortar & pestle. Add 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of warm water and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add 3/4 cup fish sauce, 1 cup lime juice and a little chili for a kick. Sauce can keep for up to 1 month in fridge. Tip: pick up frozen limes at Kosko's - a fraction of the price of fresh limes.

Egyptian Tourism update
hosted by Innovative Travel's Cairo based Director Elhamy El Zayat

A series of trade and consumers were held to encourage Kiwi's to catch up with other markets who were returning to Egypt for holidays. It has been 6 years since the countries original uprising and Egypt has moved on with their new constitution.
Tourism is rebounding at an international level, with Americans, Canadians and Brazilians leading the way.  
Pictured from left: Kirsty Degnan (Innovative), Peter Dunne (Discover Travel), Lynda Morrison (Innovative), Elhamy ElZayat

Charity fund raiser evening of Travel & Fashion

Hosted by: Aviva (Family Violence Services), Jane Daniels & Innovative Travel

A chance for guests to preview the Jane Daniels Winter 2017 collection inspired by her travels to Russia with Innovative Travel, discover Ancient Kingdoms with Robyn Galloway, listen to jazz, savour delicious canapes and wine and bid on some great items at the charity auction.
MC for the evening was Lady Susan Satyanand.
The night was a fun night for everyone there, and a considerable sum was raised for Aviva.

RSA Western Front Evening

Recently Innovative Travel hosted an evening with the Christchurch RSA for people interested in finding out more about 2016 & 2017 WWI tours to The Somme and Passchendaele for the 100th commemorations.
Pictured from left are Peter Kennedy (tour host), Robyn Galloway (MD Innovative Travel), Jenny Haworth (Author of 'Behind the Twisted Wire) and Lynda Morrison (Groups Manager at Innovative Travel).

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