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The Innovative Travel Company prides itself on working with tour hosts who are experts in their fields and who each add very special ‘insider’ knowledge to enhance our clients’ experience, adding unique insights to their tour. We are very privileged to work with some of New Zealand’s most reputed and trusted personalities from all walks of life.

Christian Pilgrimage Tours
These special tours are designed for modern day pilgrims who would like to discover more of biblical history through the ancient lands and sites recorded in Biblical history. Tours hosts have served within the Church and have an active role in the Christian community.
Chistian Pilgrimage Tour with Rev Mike and Patsy Hawke : September 2024
You are invited to join a Christian Pilgrimage tour with Rev Mike Hawke, former Dean of Nelson Cathedral and his wife Patsy, a retired teacher.
This is your invitation to visit Ancient Egypt. This is where the Holy Family fled, and where many years earlier, Joseph became Prime Minister. It is also where Moses received the message from God to “Let my people go.” (Known as the Exodus.) It is reputed that St Mark also founded the first Christian Church in Africa.

A highlight, besides the pyramids, will be staying within the Cairo Cathedral area where you will experience being involved in the Christian community. You will also experience a three night river cruise on the Nile. Then it is off to the Mediterranean where Christianity flourished in the later first century.
Get to know St John as you re-live his house arrest on the island of Patmos. Visit the cave where he lived and wrote the book of Revelation. Continue on to mainland Greece where you will re-live much of the New Testament. This is where St Paul established a number of churches, be it in Corinth, Philippi, or Thessalonica, all of which are featured in the Book of Acts. With the pinnacle being Paul’s ministry in Athens. Walking these ancient lands, where followers of Jesus, walked, talked and ministered is such an enriching experience.
So join Mike and Patsy on this latest pilgrimage in association with Innovative Travel.


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