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The disruption caused by Covid-19 has brought a new kind of challenge for tourism and accommodation providers conscious of brand assurance and seeking more sophisticated hygiene solutions. Many have felt out of control and fearful, and as a veteran of the tourism and travel industry, we very much understand these concerns.

As the Trans-Tasman bubble opens, it creates opportunity, but also an increased challenge, as clients seek additional assurance that each site is hygienically safe.

The ISO Technologies formula

The unique chemistry of the hi-tech ISO technologies formula ensures when applied, it completely bonds to a surface providing 28 days protection against both Covid-19 and bacteria. If there is any touch point from a client who is carrying the virus, the ISO technologies positive charge creates an irresistible attraction, to the negatively charged Covid-19 virus, spearing, and destroying it. It is a double win, the virus is destroyed, hence cross contamination with another site is avoided. The unique formula ensures the products have a neutral aroma, making it easy to use and apply.

The ISO technologies are certified as hospital grade.
Full technical information is available upon request.


Apply via fogging, a spray bottle, or special anti-microbial cloths.
For high use areas such as toilet doors, toilet chains, handrails, ATM machines etc, the product is best sprayed and dry naturally.


The ISO range is hospital grade certified. Stickers and/or certificates to display on company’s website, or in other prominent areas will become available soon.


Stock supplies are held at our Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch warehouses, providing more assurance for delivery in the North and South Islands.

Other Innovative Hygiene Products

A full range of hygiene product is available including special anti-microbial disposable or re washable anti-microbial cloths, colour codes mopes etc, support the highest level of hygiene protection.

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