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Four tips on how to choose the right African Safari

As a veteran member of the travel industry, when I was considering taking a safari, one of the first things that I had to realise is that a Safari is not a tour!

From city life to the Chathams islands: Why Helen Bint chose a life of isolation in remote New Zealand

Author: Gordon Collier
Helen Bint is content. She lives a pioneering lifestyle 1075 kilometres from Auckland, 50 kilometres from Waitangi – Waitangi, Chatham Islands, that is – and a final few kilometres across a paddock.

New experiences of an old favourite

Author: Julie Mccloy
In late 2019 I returned to one of my favourite countries – Turkey. I had been twice before; one visit had included a tour with Innovative Travel.

Excited to be returning to Egypt

Author: Colleen Doyle
Huge expectation is building and excitement is mounting for my return trip to Egypt in May, this time as tour host for the Innovative Travel Companions Club.

Oberammergau: Once in 10 years!

Author: Colleen Doyle
Ten years to wait, a lifetime to remember. Yes, this is the one in ten years amazing Passion Play in Oberammergau, a small Bavarian mountain village in Germany.

Lone travellers need not be lonely

Author: Colleen Doyle
There's a saying 'a trouble shared is a trouble halved....'. The opposite is also relevant when travelling to amazing places - 'a pleasure shared is pleasure doubled'.

Group tours from a tour host perspective

Author: Colleen Doyle
As an international tour host/guide for 30+ years, here are some of my insights on group tours.

Why travel in a group tour

Author: Colleen Doyle
Group tours are perfect for lone travellers, those wanting company or travellers who want everything taken care of.

Enthralling Turkey - a favourite travel destination

Author: Colleen Doyle
This incredible land, which is both Asia and Europe, has long fascinated travellers and I am no exception. Having been there 8 times, there are still many things about Turkey that lure me again and again.

What to expect from the Oberammergau Passion Play

Author: Colleen Doyle
This is a small Bavarian village in Germany which could be unknown to most, apart from the famous Passion Play which has been performed regularly for 380 years.  

What to expect on a CroisiEurope cruise

Author: Colleen Doyle
CroisiEurope, a French family owned shipping line who are veterans of European shipping, provide European river cruising of high quality, exquisite interest and will take you to places only dreamed of.

Amazing Moroccan adventure

Author: Colleen Doyle
Morocco from landing to departure greets travellers with an eruption of crazy colour combinations to appeal to every taste.

Breathtaking Jordan & Israel

Author: Colleen Doyle
Every visitor to Jordan who makes their way to the famous archaeological site, the Rose city of Petra will experience this breathtaking moment!

Iceland Delivers

Author: Colleen Doyle
Iceland almost tickles the Arctic Circle with 11% of Iceland covered in glaciers, has 32 volcanic systems consisting of 130 volcanic mountains.

CroisiEurope Cruising

Author: Robyn Galloway
With the devaluing New Zealand dollar, how do you navigate to find the best value European river cruising?

Your once in a lifetime journey through Russia

Author: Nicholas Bloom
There are a few cities in the world that cannot be described unless you have been there – Moscow and St Petersburg are two such cities.

Do travellers consider it safe to visit Egypt?

Author: Robyn Galloway
As the founder of Innovative Travel, almost 30 years ago I have been blessed to visit Egypt, many times.

Travel inspiration with Jane Daniels

The Jane Daniels label is iconic with New Zealand design. High end fashion garments carefully created in New Zealand, from fabric sourced from Europe's and the worlds best mills. Jane is an experienced and discerning traveller and as an avid reader of travel literature and biographies, Jane was the perfect litmus test for Ancient Kingdoms Holidays.

For over 10 years she has acted as the brand ambassador for the Innovative Travel Company. Jane Daniels and Innovative Travel have a great synergy.


Unlike the Elgin Marbles, I made a return to Greece and today I was again on Mykonos, the most famous of the Cycladic islands.

China & the Oriental Gateway to the Silk Road

With Innovative Travel, I have explored fascinating destinations along the old Silk Roads.


The Japanese are renowned for their cutting-edge design and technology, and Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the world.


We arrived at our Moscow hotel at night, and from our room at the National Hotel, had a superb view of the unique candy-striped St Basil’s cathedral.

Sri Lanka

My journey had taken me to the ultimate treasure island: Sri Lanka. I would see chests full of jewels, swaying palm trees on white sandy beaches, and all manner of wildlife...

The Heart of the Ancient Silk Road

I'm sitting in the most extraordinary blue garden. Stunning azure, turquoise, cerulean, cobalt, lapis and indigo blues.


Our Grand Moroccan tour has been a continuous series of adventures, with each day unique.


In 2010 I chose to visit the ancient land of Persia: Iran, a land of hidden gems waiting to be re-discovered.


In 2009, I chose to visit Egypt, civilisation on a grand scale. My guide was invaluable, enabling me to get to see important ancient religious sites within the city in a reasonable time.


In 2008 I visited Turkey with Ancient Kingdoms Holidays. This exotic country offered memorable sights and experiences, and I have returned much inspired from my travels.

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