"How Santa, Rudolph and Sedrick the Camel saved Christmas”

 To all children (and adults) who believe in Santa Claus

An international story of hope and unity during Covid-19

To all children (and adults) who believe in Santa Claus
During lockdown in New Zealand, Sedrick the Camel was in my bubble, we had met on a previous trip to the Middle East and Turkey.   Having travelled often through mysterious ancient lands of camels, it was amazing to hear of Sedrick the Camel’s adventures.   He shared his captivating, heart-warming story and a new book is launched which is guaranteed to keep children (and the adults reading it) enthralled.
"How Santa, Rudolph and Sedrick the Camel saved Christmas".
A wonderful local Christchurch illustrator Lizzie Swaney-Hanna, has brought this international Christmas story of hope and unity alive, defying Covid-19.

The beginning :
Picture the North Pole
What you may not know about this Christmas?
Santa is about to call a board meeting in the North Pole, to discuss the delivery schedule. Rudolph doesn't know how he will advise Santa, that the reindeer are not race fit for their deliveries. Due to Covid-19, they have only been able to train in their North Pole bubble.   Rudolph had even invented special fun races to circle the North Pole 50 times a night, but it was a very small place and although the reindeer had tried their hardest, they were still not Christmas race fit. This is of great concern for Santa, Rudolph and the wise old elves as due to Covert-19 the Christmas present list is even longer than usual.

Some wisdom shared
The wise old elves reminded a despairing Rudolph that maybe some good could come out of something bad!

A unique rescue plan is hatched
Following the board meeting, as Rudolph sleeps, he dreams of the magical lands he travelled through on previous Christmas training schedules. He suddenly remembers, how he and his sleigh fell out of control and crash landed in the Middle East, where he met Sedrick the Camel. Rudolph hatches a unique plan and recalls everyone back to the board meeting. 

A message of unity
Although the reindeer and the camels come from different lands and cultures, and they only met briefly the previous Christmas, Rudolph believes they can hatch a successful plan to unite and help the children of the World.

Meet the adorable characters, guaranteed to keep your children engaged throughout the book

Sedrick the Camel, who is proud of his skills being able to walk through the desert for months at a time, without water and happy in his life. Then one day, he meets Rudolph the Reindeer when Rudolph’s sleigh spins out of control whilst on a pre-Christmas training run over the Middle East, then Sedrick’s life is changed forever.

Rudolph the reindeer, who normally feels like the luckiest reindeer in the world. Every Christmas he works closely with Santa and the elves to help make the children of the world happy. This year he is heavy hearted, as he realises that the reindeer will not meet their Christmas schedule and for the first time in his life, things are looking grim due to the impact of Covid-19, even at the North Pole.

The wise old elves, are happiest each Christmas, as they check off the long list of presents for the children of the world. This year they share Santa and Rudolph’s concern that Christmas may not happen. But in their wisdom, they remind Rudolph that perhaps something good may come from something bad.

Santa Claus is normally very happy. He is blessed with the wonderful job of bringing joy each year to the children of the world. This year due to Covid-19, the Christmas schedule is a month behind. He and his team face deep challenges. Read on to discover more.

About the Author

Robyn Galloway, a New Zealand based boutique tour operator, founded Innovative Travel in 1990, and has spent many years travelling through the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. On one such journey she met Sedrick the Camel, who appeared to be just an ordinary camel. He was proud of his skills, being about to walk across the hot desert for a month without water and with his wide feet, perfect for walking on the sand. Then one unexpected day, Sedrick’s life was changed forever when he had
an unexpected encounter with Rudolph the Reindeer.

A tribute to our international and local travel colleagues

The privilege of international travel is something many of us have enjoyed.
The thirst for exploring started at primary school, when my
Mother, Jean Galloway, read the story of Yasin of Arabia; a
story incapsulating bedouin life and their camels. Throughout millennia in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa, the camel acted as the vehicle, and is an integral part of history in both war and peace.
In modern times, the travel and tourism sectors have opened new doors to the world. When due to Covid-19 international borders closed, many whose livelihoods are derived from travel and tourism were impacted. I have been privileged to be a part of this international community, who have worked tirelessly to support clients during Covid-19 lockdowns and who continue to experience the impact of Covid-19.
As travel returns, we at Innovative Travel, along with our
international colleagues and travel agent partners, look forward to helping you reconnect to the world, and to explore these amazing ancient kingdoms, where camels still roam.

Copyright : Robyn Galloway


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