In 2009, I chose to visit Egypt, civilisation on a grand scale. In Cairo, a mere 20 million people occupy the city at the same time as you. My guide was invaluable, enabling me to get to see important ancient religious sites within the city in a reasonable time. The souks are fascinating and alive with the bustle of trade. Every space is utilised, walk through alley ways to get to shops and shops to get to alleyways. Khans (workshops) open out to face you as workmen ply their trade as the generations before would have over centuries. It was fun to create a keen sense of direction. Bargaining skills are a must.

A Nile cruise aboard the well-appointed Tu Ya is surely the tonic after busy Cairo. During long sunny days, we looked out into small hamlets on the Nile Delta from the comfort of a lounger beside the pool, stopping along the way to visit temples built for ancient Gods.

One Temple set itself apart, Abu Simbel and was well worth the short flight. The interior of this temple is total surprise. The UNESCO story of the saving of Abu Simbel makes visiting the site all the more special.

The partnership Innovative Travel has with Elhamy El Zyat on the ground in Egypt sets them apart. Elhamy is an extraordinarily cultured man of learning and passionate about Egypt. This filters throughout his team. Everything on our itinerary not only went like clockwork, it was done with a smile.

I think Egypt leaves you wondering. These astonishing engineering feats took place so very long ago and as an achievement seems to sit apart from time. As you stand next to a Pyramid and contemplate their construction, it makes me wonder why it took thousands of years for the industrial revolution to arrive.

With Ancient Kingdoms Holidays, there is always another mystery to unravel and I look forward to my future travels with this inspiring company who have helped us discover the past, with commitment and style.

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