Do travellers consider it safe to visit Egypt?

By Robyn Galloway

Egypt, with its wondrous ancient sites, has attracted tourists over its long history. In 1849, Florence Nightingale sort inspiration and found her way to the Nile; here she penned "Letters from Egypt". She, like many modern day explorers, still seek inspiration from these ancient lands.

As the founder of Innovative Travel almost 30 years ago, I have been blessed to visit Egypt, many times. The company ethos is always to conduct own our research. This, combined with our incredible Cairo based Director, Elhamy ElZayat MNZM, has enabled Innovative Travel to be tapped into our own local network, with regional offices from Alexandria to Aswan. In almost 30 years of operation, yes there has been just one incident: a camel nip, from an over excited camel. A quick injection and all was sorted!

If we were to interview our thousands of clients who have travelled safely with Innovative Travel over the years and ask them have they ever been robbed in their home country, or attacked, statistically the results would be very different. It is over 8 years since Tahrir Square, tourists are quickly returning to Egypt, yet the good news stories remain strangely absent. I know that with the incredible care of our local operation, as a female traveller, I feel totally safe. We are in the privileged position, to be able to extend the benefits of our incredible local network, for our Innovative travellers. Imagine being met inside immigration and whisked through the queue. Imagine the privilege of visiting the new Grand Egyptian Museum on an insider visit, prior to its opening in 2020. When travelling there are many doorways to choose. With Innovative Travel you can rest assured you have chosen the right one with the promise of an incredible holiday. With real inside connections, visit sites you never imagined, avoid the queues with our concierge service, and make the most of this incredible country.

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